End of a long Journey

Overall I thought this class was a great oppertunity to learn about the different types of social media and their impact on our culture, however the class itself proved very challenging. There were many difficulties and problems that came up throughout the semester that caused this class to be more of a challenge than I […]

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Savannah Russell

Savannah Russell was a junior at Minerva high school until the morning of November 22nd, 2014. Due to freezing rain the conditions on the road were poor, which caused Savannah to lose control of the vehicle and collide with a Brown local school bus.   When most people hear about teen driving accidents, they jump […]

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Choosing a topic

For this project most of my group was drawing a blank on something to do with the execption of one of our members. Shelby had the perfect topic for the project right from the get go. Recently there had been a tragic accident in Shelby’s home town. As a result of that accident a charity fund had […]

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A’liyia Hancock

Oftentimes when someone mentions a high schooler getting in a car accident, people imagine a reckless teenage driver. However, this was not the case in the tragic loss of A’liyia Hancock. Due to poor weather conditions, A’liyia and 2 other students lost their lives. Like many students, A’liyia was a student athlete. While attending Minerva […]

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Time difficulties

My group consists of three members, one DIT student and two Akron students which includes myself. On top of having there be a large time difference between the two of us in Akron and our DIT member all of us also have manyactivities in our lives. We all work part time while going to school […]

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Minerva Strong

For my groups project we have chosen to promote a charity which has very significant meaning to one of our members. The scholarship fund Minerva Strong raises money for graduates of Minerva High school to attend college in the memory of the three students who were lost in november of 2014. SecretShelbs attended high school with these students and was deeply […]

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Importance of Copyright

In today’s world it seems as though many members of the so called Generation Y easily disregard the idea of copy right. This is by no means an absolute, however it is something that is almost considered to be socially acceptable. The idea of piracy of movies, music, video games, etc. is rarely considered as […]

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